About Our Foundation

The Dolvin Elementary School Foundation has been established to raise funds to purchase educational programs and technologies that provide instructional value to our students that would not otherwise be available through traditional funding by the Fulton County School System.

The Foundation is funded through:

  • Annual Direct Giving Campaign
  • Business Sponsors
  • Community Donations
  • Fundraising Events

The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity. All donations made to the Dolvin Elementary School Foundation are tax deductible. The tax-exempt status from the IRS enables the Foundation to receive employee-matching funds and to apply for the educational grant monies.

When you make a 100% tax deductible donation to Dolvin Elementary School Foundation, you are investing in your child’s future. Your gift will help us build our foundation and benefit our children for years to come. The foundation accepts tax deductible individual donations, employee-matches, grants, charitable grants, charitable organization grants and corporate donations.

Why do we need a Foundation for Dolvin? 

Dolvin’s Foundation has a very specific set of objectives – To secure financial support, by working closely within the private and public sector.

Money will then be used to provide a variety of programs and resources that go above and beyond what is available from the Fulton County School District and our PTA. By enriching the curriculum, we will be strengthening the quality of the public education our students are receiving, allowing them the opportunity to remain competitive with other local students and on National and International levels.

In short, the foundation can provide the funding to purchase technology for classrooms, address capital needs and facility improvements, purchase advanced teaching and training tools, provide enhanced programs, and supply the means for any other teacher, student, or staff identified in need while creating valuable learning experiences for all of our children.